As I delve deeper into photography as an art, I find myself studying more about color hoping to use them intentionally as part of composition. I came across a wonderful book, Color Workbook by Becky Koenig.


A New Name

Now that PointShoot Photography has an official website AND a new business blog, instead of closing this one, I've decided to keep it active. I'm making it my unofficial blog so I can still keep photography related notes that does not fit the business blog. I will probably disable a lot of stuff on this one or maybe even switch it into a private blog. YAY!


Irina Werning's "Back To The Future" Project

One of the people I follow on G+, +Mike Keller, shared an article from The Atlantic on Irina Werning's project called "Back To The Future" where she got old photographs from her subject and meticulously recreated them in the present. The concept is very simple yet visually appealing.

Read the full article HERE.

I'm filing this article under INSPIRATION. Thanks for sharing Mike.